How to Sell at Auction?

You may wish to sell a single piece of art or a large collection. Bogotá Auctions offers complementary valuations and will advise you whether or not a piece is suitable for sale at auction. You may contact us at


Our experts will provide estimates taking into account the quality and rarity of the lot, its condition and provenance. The estimates provided are provisional and subject to revision up until the inclusion in an auction.


Once you decide to consign your property to auction at Bogotá Auctions, our experts will agree a reserve with you. The reserve price is the price below which a lot will not sell. This value is confidential and is not published. It is always at or below the low estimate.

Seller’s Agreement

In order to sell your property at Bogotá Auctions, you must sign a Seller’s Agreement, which in Colombia takes the form of a Mandate (“Contrato de Mandato”). This is the contract in which you authorize Bogotá Auctions to offer your property for sale on your behalf. It specifies the terms of sale, our seller’s commission, and fees for services such as insurance, damage liability and shipping.

For further details concerning the selling process, as well as the steps after the auction, please check our terms and conditions here.