The project

Founded in February 2014 by a group of professionals from various countries (Colombia, France, Germany), Bogota Auctions is the first auction house in Colombia. Its purpose is to energize and steadily expand the Colombian art market and give it greater visibility at the national and international levels. With the theme “Professionalization-Experience-Transparency,” our essential challenge has been to build trust in the auction mechanism and facilitate market transparency in major cities around the world.

What do we do?

Bogota Auctions is dedicated to the public sale of works of art and other objects of historical or cultural value. The auction is the ideal mechanism for determining the value of goods in a given market. It is a scenario in which buyers and sellers converge in an instant, without pressure to publicly show their interest in the goods offered. It is a public and verifiable act, it is clear and transparent, where only the supply and demand set the value of the auctioned item, and where the frequency of sales and the number of works sold build market value.